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4 Reasons 3 Star Industries is the Industry Leader in UTV Windshields

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

The UTV market has undergone a huge change in customer demand in recent years. People now want to ride their vehicles in all climates - and this is where we come in. 3 Star Industries was built with a passion to provide top-notch UTV windshields and enclosures meant to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Having led the industry for the last decade, here are the reasons why we are different from others.

Weather-Resistant UTV Windshields

Keeping in mind what people want, we go the extra mile to design UTV windshields that can sustain all temperatures. 

As far as the composition goes, we use 1/4-inch polycarbonate which offers high-impact strength and heavy bowing resistance. Our manufacturing and quality assurance methods are carefully planned and executed to deliver just the best.

A Diverse Collection

No matter what UTV make or model you use, we have something for everybody. Another reason that puts us apart from the rest is our diverse collection of UTV windshields and enclosures

Whether you own a Honda or a Kawasaki, you can choose from our wide variety of products. In addition to that, we allow you to start from the basics and add your desired options. Once you’re done, we ship you a ready-to-install UTV windshield at your doorstep.

Quality, Value, and Dependability

How did 3 Star Industries become the primary go-to of every rider when it comes to UTV windshields? Well, we are focused on providing high-quality and reliable products that offer great value for our customers’ money. 

We believe everyone deserves a pleasant UTV experience, and that is exactly what we strive to offer.

Great Attention to Detail

Our manufacturing process features not only the best parts but also great attention to detail. Our team of trained experts goes through every nook and cranny of the products and follows a strict QA regime to ensure we offer the UTV community the absolute best.

A passion to provide the best-quality UTV windshields and a variety of products, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative manufacturing methods make 3 Star Industries an industry leader. Get in touch with us today!

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