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Can-Am Windshield

It is undeniable that your usual UTV would be safer if it were fitted with all the UTV accessories that it needs. One such accessory is the Can-Am windshield. It will keep you safe from debris as well as the elements, giving you a fun and safe ride.

At 3 Star Industries, we have a wide variety of Can-Am windscreens that you are looking for. Whether a Commander, Defender, or Maverick, we work tirelessly to produce high-quality, durable, and affordable windshields to boost your UTV experience. We offer high-quality and customizable windshields.

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Why Choose Us

3 Star Industries is based in Kentucky but offers our products nationwide. Our commitment is to satisfy our customers, support our community, and follow our values. All our products are locally made and are treated with extreme caution by our highly trained and experienced team.

Benefits of Having a Can-Am Windshield

Your UTV experience is greatly improved with a windshield because you are protected from dust, debris, and other elements. It also provides more support to the roof and overall UTV structure, making it safer to ride in. In addition, whenever the weather becomes rainy or snowy, a windscreen and wiper may come in handy to improve your visibility.Β 

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Can-Am Windshield

At 3 Star Industries, we offer a variety of Can-Am windshields. We have the Can-Am Defender 2-Pc Scratch-Resistant Windshield, Can-Am Maverick 2-Pc windshield, and the Can-Am Commander 2-Pc. These windshields are all built by us. They are mounted using vibration-damping loop clamps made of zinc-plated steel that is coated with vinyl for cushioning.

Installation of Can-Am Windshield

All the Can-Am windshields that we sell are made by us and using locally sourced products. When we sell you a windshield, you don't need to install vents or attach the trim because we do that for you. We ship ready to install windshields.Β 

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For a more enjoyable and safer ride on your UTV, it is important that you have a windshield to protect yourself. At 3 Star Industries, we believe that customer satisfaction is our biggest priority and therefore offer high quality and durable windshields across the US at an affordable price. Visit our website to make any inquiries and to make a purchase now and transform your UTV experience.

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