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John Deere Windshields From 3 Star Industries

Aftermarket windshields are in demand for their high quality and strength. They are also economical and are available in the same specifications like the original ones. 3 Stars Industries manufactures high-quality glasses in the US and sells them at an affordable price. The following are qualities of John Deere windshields from 3 Star Industries.

John Deere UTV with camo painting

2 Piece Design

3 Star Industries is based in Kentucky but offers our The John Deere windshields from 3 Stars Industries are made with a two-piece design meaning each section mounts independently. This allows the rider to ride with just the top/bottom on or with both sections on when more air is needed in the cab.

Bending Design

The windshield has a bent design that gives it more strength and improves on aesthetics. In addition, the bent design reduces air drag as the air will flow over instead of direct and reduces formation cracks caused by temperature changes.

John Deere UTV with standard black painting
Front view of a green and yellow John Deere UTV

Automotive Trim

At the lower bottom of the windshield, a flexible PVC trim is added to the edge. In addition, a flexible bubble is added to seal all gaps between the hood line and the windshield. This trim is standard in all windshield models by 3 Star Industries.

Scratch Resistant Coating

A coating of MR 10 Lexan is added to make the glass scratch-resistant. The coating combines with polycarbonate to make it abrasion and UV resistant. These coatings make the glass easy to wipe, keeping it clear at all times.

Front view of a John Deere UTV with a scratch resistant windshield

Before paying for your glass, make sure it is free from damages or scratches. If defects are present, select a different one. 3 Star Industries in the US manufactures strong windshields for different John Deere motors. Contact us to answer any questions you may have and to get started on your services today!

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