Kawasaki Windshields from 3 Star Industries - 3 Star UTV

Kawasaki Windshields from 3 Star Industries

Learn about the Kawasaki UTV windshields we can offer you

A good windshield should be able to protect passengers from injuries and other external forces. The 3 Star Industries in the US manufactures and sells high-quality aftermarket windshields built to withstand any external forces and keep passengers safe. Here we will cover the qualities of Kawasaki windshields from 3 Star Industries.

Side view of a neon green and black Kawasaki UTV

Heavy-Duty Build

These windshields are made with heavy-duty material of a quarter-inch polycarbonate that gives them strength against impact. In addition, they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and high speeds.

Scratch Resistant Coating

An MR 10 scratch-resistant coating is added to the windshield to prevent scratches when wiping or driving at high speeds. The coating combines with the polycarbonate to form stronger protection against UV.

Front view of a red and black Kawasaki UTV
Close up of a ventilated windshield on a Kawasaki UTV


Kawasaki windshields from 3 Stars Industries are designed to let air in during hot weather conditions. The vents are opened by sliding the covers side to side. This allows air to flow into the car, thus enhancing ventilation.

Quick to Install

The windshields are fitted with quick to install trim and straps. No tools are needed for installation as everything is cut to precision. It is made with a hook and loop to thread straps through the slots on the windshield and mount it. A trim is also attached to the sides of the windshield.

Side view of a white Kawasaki UTV with a black soft-top shell
 Front view of a black Kawasaki UTV with neon green accents

Connecting Clamps

A powder-coated steel clamp is provided for connecting or removing the windshield. When removing the windshield, all you do is remove the knob bolt. Along the sides of the windshield, an automotive trim is added.

Before selecting the windshield, make sure you inspect for any defects or damages. Ensure the selected shield is meant for your car to get a perfect fit. 3 Stars Industries in the US makes durable windshields for different Kawasaki brands. Contact us to answer any questions and to order your UTV windshield today!

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