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If you want to drive any of the Kubota models without getting into an unpleasant situation, you'll need a true vision. You don't want to be battling with some damaging UV radiation while having a nice day with your Kubota. The importance of a Kubota windshield in keeping you safe while riding in your Kubota is no longer news.

Again, the 3 Star Industries’ Kubota windshield will protect your Kubota UTV internal components from dust, stones, dirt, wind, and rain. Our top-rated UTV windshields offer the strength and safety features to keep you and your vehicle safe.

What exactly is a Kubota windshield, and which windshield models are available at 3-star industries? Read on to find out.

What is a Kubota Windshield?

The Kubota windscreen is made of UV-resistant polycarbonate and is offered at 3-star industries. Tempered glass is tougher and more durable than regular glass. It goes through a quick heating and cooling process, making it suitable for a Kubota UTV

Kubota is a workhorse of a UTV, so consider installing a high-quality windshield to emphasize that fact. It will complement the car's robust exterior and enable it to withstand any weather conditions.

Why Should I Buy Kubota Windshield from 3 Star Industries?

A good windshield's primary role is to provide a clear view of the environment you're riding in. If the glass is cracked or fractured, the driver's vision is impaired, especially if the damage is in their line of sight. Furthermore, driving with a smashed windshield is extremely difficult in bad weather and poor light.

3 Star Industries are your best bet if you want quality and great prices on numerous kinds of Kubota windshields. When you shop for your windscreen at 3-star industries, you'll be prepared to ride in any condition.

On every Kubota windshield purchase, 3-star industries will give you a quality warranty. As a result, 3-star businesses should deliver nothing less than the best.

At 3 Star Industries, the following Kubota windscreen models are available:

  • Kubota RTV-XG850 SIDEKICK 2-pc Windshield
  • Kubota X Series 1140 2-Pc scratch-resistant windshield
  • Kubota RTV 400/500 2-PC Windshield
  • Kubota X Series 900/1120 2-Pc Scratch-Resistant
  • Kubota RTV- XG850 Full Cab Enclosure with Vinyl Windshield

Click here to see all available Kubota windshield models at 3 Star Industries.

Keep your windshield clean at all times. You should inspect it regularly for hairline cracks or small chips. If you notice any issues with your windshield, have it checked as soon as possible.

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