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Mule 600/610

3 Star Industries works hard to provide you with the high-quality and durable UTV accessories you want and need. This collection of enclosures and windshields is designed for Kawasaki Mule 600/610 models. By adding a windshield or an enclosure to your ride, or both, you can make the entire driving experience more enjoyable and you will be able to use your UTV no matter the weather or time of year! Be sure to shop through this collection to find the perfect style enclosure and windshield for your UTV. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us today!

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  • Kawasaki Mule 600/610 – 2 Pc Lexan Windshield

  • Kawasaki Mule 600/610 – 2 Pc Scratch-Resistant Windshield

  • Kawasaki Mule 600/610 – Vinyl Windshield/Top/Rear Combo

  • Kawasaki Mule 600/610 – Soft Top