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At 3 Star Industries, we offer a variety of durable and affordable UTV accessories that can enhance the riding experience. This collection includes enclosures and windshields for the Kawasaki Pro FXT. When you add an enclosure or windshield to your UTV, you can help protect yourself and passengers from weather, dust, bugs, and wind, enhancing the drive. Whether your UTV is meant for fun or for work, these UTV accessories can make all the difference! Be sure to shop through this collection to find the perfect fit for your ride. If you have questions about our products, feel free to contact us!

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  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – Full Cab Enclosure with Vinyl Windshield

  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – Full Cab for Hard Windshield

  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – Upper Doors/Rear Window Combo

  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – Upper Doors

  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – 2 Pc Scratch Resistant Windshield

  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – Vinyl Windshield/Top/Rear Combo

  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – 2 Pc – Lexan Windshield

  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – Vinyl Windshield/Top Combo

  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – Soft Top

  • Kawasaki Pro FXT – Soft Back Panel