2008-2018 Kymco 500/500i

This collection of UTV accessories from 3 Star Industries includes enclosures and windshields for the Kymco 500/500i. Our UTV accessories are made with durable and high-quality material, allowing you to rely on the protection they offer you. By adding an enclosure or windshield to your UTV, you can make the driving experience more enjoyable no matter the weather or time of year! Be sure to shop through these collections to find what you need. Contact our team today to get your questions answered. 

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  • Kymco 500 Full Cab Enclosure with Vinyl Windshield

  • Kymco 500 Full Cab for Hard Windshield

  • Kymco 500 Door/Rear Window Combo

  • KYMCO 500 2-Pc Vented Scratch-Resistant Windshield

  • Kymco 500 Vinyl Windshield/Top/Rear Combo

  • KYMCO 500 2-Pc Vented Windshield

  • KYMCO 500 Soft Doors

  • KYMCO 500/500i Soft Back Panel

  • Kymco 500/500i Soft Top