Lead time for Soft Enclosures is 2 weeks. Windshields & other Lexan products are at 2-3 days to complete and be ready to ship (ship time can take 1-5 days depending on your location)


Massimo UTV Windshields & Enclosures

At 3 Star Industries, we have Massimo UTV windshields and enclosures including soft doors, soft back panels, scratch-resistant windshields, and more all available to you right here.

Drivers use utility vehicles now more than ever for many different jobs. Get the most out of your UTV with our Massimo UTV windshields and enclosures. What makes our Massimo products stand out is that our components are protective, affordable, and easy to install. Looking for an affordable way to upgrade your windshield? Check out the Massimo MSU 500/700 2-Pc Vented Scratch-Resistant Windshield. Additionally, the Massimo 500/700 Soft Back Panel along with any of our soft panels are ideal for cold weather.

Contact us today with questions about our Massimo UTV windshields and enclosures. Our team is always happy to assist you!

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  • MASSIMO 500/700 2-Pc Scratch-Resistant Windshield-Free Shipping

  • MASSIMO 500/700 2-Pc Windshield

  • 2015-2016 Massimo MSU 500/700 Soft Doors

  • Massimo 500/700 Soft Back Panel

  • Massimo 500/700 – Soft Top

  • “NEW” Mesh Trail Bag