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UTV Windshields

High-Quality Windshields For Your Side-By-Side


Boost Your UTV Experience

Whether you use your utility vehicle for recreation, to complete tasks around your property, or on the job, there are ways you can make the ride more enjoyable. Adding a windshield to your UTV can drastically improve your driving experience by shielding you from weather, keeping dust at bay, and helping to stop bugs from hitting your face while driving. A windshield is one of the most common additions for UTV, and it is due to its major benefits!

At 3 Star Industries, we offer a variety of high-quality windshields for a variety of UTV makes and models. Our windshields are durable, affordable, and many are customizable, allowing you to choose the different features you want. We saw a need for high-quality aftermarket windshields for side-by-sides that were more affordable than what is offered by the OEMs. If you are looking for a windshield for your UTV, be sure to shop our huge collection to find the perfect one that fits the make and model of your utility vehicle.


Benefits of Our UTV Windshields:

• High-quality and durable
• More affordable option
• Available for most makes and models
• Multiple features to choose from
• Provide a more enjoyable ride

Why Invest In a Windshield

No matter what you use your UTV for, adding a windshield can make the ride more enjoyable. From riding in the rain to driving on dusty dirt trails to wanting to avoid bugs in your face, a windshield can provide you with a variety of benefits. You will be able to enjoy a ride in your side-by-side throughout the entire year, rain or shine.

If you use your utility vehicle for work or around your own property to complete different tasks and chores, a windshield can provide some protection against the elements as you go about your duties. By installing a windshield onto your UTV, you can get tasks done with more efficiency and fewer problems.

When you start deciding what accessories and additions you want on your UTV, a windshield is the best place to start. This is an addition that will allow you to get the most use out of your utility vehicle and make it easier to enjoy the ride! Find the perfect windshield for your UTV from 3 Star Industries and make the most out of your UTV!

Why Choose 3 Star Industries

At 3 Star Industries, we work hard to produce high-quality, durable, and affordable windshields for most UTV makes and models. Many of our windshield products include different features that can allow you to get the perfect addition to your utility vehicle. Our business operates out of our facility in Kentucky, allowing our customers to know where their products are coming from.

We are proud to offer our locally made products nationwide and make it a priority to help the communities around us. 3 Star Industries offers support to charitable organizations, churches, and more in the area. Learn more about our company and values to see what we are all about!

If you are looking for the best and simplest way to upgrade your ride and make your UTV even more fun to drive, a windshield is the perfect choice. 3 Star Industries can provide you with the durable and quality windshield you want and need for your ride. When you choose us, you are choosing a company that is committed to the satisfaction of our customers, supporting our community, and following our values in everything we do.

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