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Segway Villain - 1/4" Polycarbonate Lower Doors

Segway Villain - 1/4" Polycarbonate Lower Doors


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FITMENT:  Segway Villain SX10 and SX10W


    • LOWER DOORS THAT LOOK GOOD-They’re sleek, they’re strong.  Made of ¼” polycarbonate.  Polycarbonate offers incredible impact strength, 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic.  Polycarbonate Lower Doors will make your Segway Villain stand out in the crowd.  They’re not just about looking good, they keep the debris out of your cab and give you line of sight to any terrain you’re trying to crawl through.  With see-through lower doors, you’ll know right where your tires hit the rocks every time.  If you’re navigating a creek bed or a tricky rock garden, these inserts allow you to maintain visibility for exact tire placement so you can find the perfect line. That means no more guessing, you'll know where your tires are going when you hit the trails.
    • PERFECT FIT-Our lower doors are built just for your Segway Villain.  They’re built to match the factory curves of your machine, and they fit your vehicle perfectly.  Plus, it looks like it was part of your factory machine.   With polycarbonate lower door inserts, you’ll turn heads and stay protected. 


    • Clear or Tinted

    Upon receipt of your Lower door inserts and prior to removing the protective film from each side, please…. 

    • Inspect for any damages, including scratches protruding through the protective film. 
    • Ensure product satisfaction with mounting hardware. 
    • Confirm correct fitment.

    Once protective film is removed, the back panel is no longer returnable or refundable. 

    PLEASE NOTE-All features may not be presented in the accompanying pictures.  Description takes precedence of pictures. 

    Prop 65 Warning-Product may contain chemicals known to the State of 
    California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Lower (see through) Doors for the Segway Villian

    The lower doors to the Segway Villian were a little tight when I first put them on but after shutting them a few times. The screws that were sent with the doors for mounting were too short. I used screws that were 1/2 inch longer than what was sent. It is much easier to put on with two people. I have truly enjoyed keeping the dust and wind out.


    Very easy to install. They look great and fit well. It's nice having a door you can look out of to still see your driving surface. Once on and closed up they feel sturdy and cut a lot of the road noise out. It's a great product overall to me.

    Ralph R
    Great Accessory

    I bought the tinted version, it's a nice look. If I had to do again I would consider clear so you can see tires better at night but other than that the tinted ones are pretty cool and you can see out during the day fairly well, They were a little awkward to install. Had to persuade a couple of the holes to line up and lightly sand down the bottom side of the plastic trim in front of the door, but once done they lined up and tightened bolts and done. They seal really well, you have to close the door a littler harder but I like that they seal so well. Definitely keep the mud and spray out of the cab! Polished them with the recommended cleaner and they repelled the mud quite nicely.

    Rick Lind
    Installing lower doors in my garage

    The lower doors went on very easily. I see a slight gap in the front corner of the lower front corner where they don’t quite seal, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna make much of a difference. We’ve got 3 feet of snow right now so I haven’t had a chance to take the machine out and try it but I love the way they look on my black machine.

    Juanita Grimaluskus

    Fits perfectly